How the Leitch stole Christmas

I hate Christmas.
Those who know me are painfully aware of this.
They call me "the Grinch" or "Scrooge" or some other moniker drawn from the repertoire of Christmas water torture that makes me despise the season in the first place.
In fact, I don't hate Christmas at all. Despite a predilection for scientific skepticism, I am still enamoured with the Christmas story and its message (literal or allegorical) of hope and salvation. It's just that I'd rather poke my eyes out with needles than listen to Burl Ives one more time.
There are still a few old carols that, for me at least, haven't worn out their welcome  When I sought out one of them on YouTube, however, I was greeted with the following message from Conservative Party leadership hopeful Kellie Leitch.

Now, I wasn't keen on Sting's version anyway, but I thought it rather rude of Ms Leitch to intrude with an attack the very broadcaster that has brought us so many wonderful musical moments over the decades — including national broadcasts of  choral performances from here in Newfoundland and Labrador.
Speaking of which, local choral guru Doug Dunsmore will be conducting his final performances of Handel's Messiah at the Basilica in St. John's tonight and Saturday, as he continues his journey towards a long-deserved retirement.
In the meantime, above is a broad rendition of "Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming," performed by soloist Renée Fleming and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.


  1. THERE IS so much Excellent MUSIC on YouTube especially. FOCUS ON GOOD MUSIC. Not nasty people.

    Do not poke your eyes out to defend against Mr Ives voice.
    Science. Merry Christmas.
    (I'd druthers have me eardrums skewered than read boring blogs during Yule.) MUSIC. words...humbug. Words hold little meanings. MOVEMENT.


    BAP KENNEDY, "MOSTLY WATER", is science, and faith? NAW, just a good tune.

    IS IT ON utube?


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